This is a blog about Palau. Where is Palau, you ask? (Unless you are an avid Survivor fan/World War II history buff/scuba diver, in which case you might know, or unless you are from California, in which case you might ask, “Where in California is that?”). Palau is a teensy island country of 21,000 people located in the South Pacific, seven degrees north of the equator, in the archipelago region of Micronesia–which is aptly named in that it is made up of volcanic islands and coral atolls so small as to be uninhabited by anything but groves of coconut trees, but a misnomer when you consider that Micronesia’s thousands of islands cover thousands of square miles of Pacific Ocean. If you are too busy with your hectic first-world life to Google it, allow me to assist you.

I’m Anna. That fine looking bespectacled specimen to my left is my partner in crime, Brian. This is a picture of us in our natural habitat (i.e., the kind of place where you drink heavy beer and wear winter coats indoors): 4-up on 9-23-12 at 7.00 PMWe are from northern Wisconsin and eastern Washington, respectively, which means that we have spent decades cultivating a tolerance for sub-zero temperatures and snow sports, and that we sunburn easily.

After clerking in the Ninth Circuit, Brian was hired to clerk for the Supreme Court of Palau, putting his JD to the test on land disputes and traditional law. So here we are, two snowbirds nesting for a while on an island in the South Pacific. Excuse me while I reapply my sunscreen.

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