Anna & Brian Named Attorney Generals of Palau!

That’s right, folks! We haven’t confirmed this yet, but according to a report by the Island Times, Brian, his fellow Court Counsel, Becca, and I are the new “assistant attorney generals” of Palau!

Actually, this is a photo of us registering for visas at Immigration, taken immediately after I returned from a fairly frenzied trip to the bathroom–frenzied because I asked a man at the Bureau where the restroom was located, and this request caused him so much embarrassment that he abandoned the task halfway through, left me standing alone in the hallway, and returned with a female coworker who walked me the rest of the way. By the time I returned and sat down, Becca said, “Smile! This is happening!” and the next day we were on the front page of the paper.

Island Times Close Up

I’m told that Brian was front-page news again this week, but unlike everything else on the island, newspapers actually move very fast here. So while I missed the latest issue, it’s clear that the combination of Brian’s popularity with the paparazzi and his stand-out 100%-Irish looks means he is attracting some attention. A couple of men in Japan asked if he permed his hair, and decided that he must be in a rock band. Last week, a woman approached Brian and said very earnestly, “Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Sure,” he replied.

“What color would say your hair is?”

I look forward to finding out the answer to that question in a future issue of the Island Times.